Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Keep Silent

Author(s): Hugo Manso
Location: Spain

"Keep Silent"

Directed by Kimberly Peirce
Written by Greg Marcks
Music by Alberto Iglesias
Editing by Matt Chesse

Main Cast

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Lydia Philips
Jeremy Sumpter as Jake Daniels
Emmy Rossum as Vera Philips
Imelda Staunton as Mrs. Huffman
Helena Bonham-Carter as Sophia Philips
Justin Berfield as Tag

Tagline: "Sisters have secrets, she has punishment"


Lydia’s (Hurd-Wood) always wanted to be like her older sister, Vera (Rossum). She’s an average teenager, good at school, with a cute boyfriend (Sumpter), friends, lovely and nice with everybody. Vera is the opposite, she’s rude and unlikeble, her friends are the worst of the neibourghood.

At a party night, Vera finds her boyfriend (Berfield) with another girl. After a big arguement they break up. This situation drives Vera in to a deep depression. One night Lydia finds her sister taking drugs. Lydia is now confussed, all she wanted to be in her life is killing herself. Vera obliges Lydia to keep the secret.

Lydia starts to act weird. Bad grades, acts strange with her boyfriend. She doesn’t talk to her friends anymore, she loses her will for everything...

Her boyfriend, Jake, starts to worry about her and tells the situation to Mrs. Huffman (Staunton) a teacher. She asks Lydia what’s happening, but she gets nothing.

Suddenly, their father dies. Leaving their mother (Bonham-Carter) all alone with the problematic sisters. Mrs. Huffman goes to the house to express her condolences, and finds out, by accident, Vera’s situation. Mrs. Huffman tells Mrs. Philips about it, but she refuses to believe her. As a last attempt, she tries to convince Lydia to tell the truth and set herself free, but Lydia doesn’t listen to her.

Several weeks later Vera dies. Lydia starts to torture herself. She thinks that it was her faul that Vera died. Now she have to carry on with that. Can she?

What the Press would say:

A great drama, great written as well as directed. Directed by Kimberly Pierce (Boys Don’t Cry), “Keep Silent” is a breathtaking drama about teenagers and drug problems. With a deep plot, a very concise message this movie treats an important problem that not often have a happy resolution.

Rachel Hurd-Wood (Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, An American Haunting) desmostrates she’s a good actress, at the age of 17 she portrays a teenager who has lost all her motivation and willing for everything. Fine performance.

Emmy Rossum (The Phamtom of the Opera), once nominated for the Golden Globe, stars this movie with a great dark side, which will terrify everyone who dare to see her as she is. Great performance.

Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake) is superb, as the caring teacher who has her own problems. She has done an amazing job. The scene when she tries to convince Lydia to tell the truth is breathtaking.

Helena Bonham-Carter (Sweeney Todd) is terrific as the mother. Her desperation, the sensation of seeing your daughters wasting their lifes, everything is there.

With an amazing editing and music score this is a really great movie with really great performances.


Best Picture.
Best Director.
Best Original Screenplay.
Best Lead Actress : Rachel Hurd-Wood
Best Supporting Actress : Emmy Rossum

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