Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Mousetrap

Author(s): Jaron
Location: IL

"The Mousetrap"

Directed by: Mike Leigh.
Written by: Anthony Minghella.
Adapted from the play by: Agatha Christie

Main Cast

Mollie Ralston- Rachel Weisz
Giles Ralston- Clive Owen
Christopher Wren- Dominic Monaghan
Mrs. Boyle- Joan Plowright
Major Metcalf- Ian McKellan
Ms. Casewell- Helena Bonham Carter
Mr. Paravacini- Sacha Baron Cohen
Sgt. Trotter- Rupert Everett

Tagline: "I solemnly swear I will tell no one who the murderer is"

Synopsis: Three blind mice, three blind mice, see how they run...

It is on a wintery night in the mid-1950's that a dastardly murder takes place. On the dead woman's body is a piece of paper that reads, "One mouse is dead." On the back of it, the killer has written two addresses: the London address the woman lies dead, and a bed-and-breakfast referred to as Monkswell Manor.

It is there that newlyweds and first-time managers Mollie and Giles Ralston (Weisz and Owen) wait for their guests to arrive on Monkswell Manor's opening night. They include an eccentric architect (Monaghan), an irritable old woman (Plowright), a retired war general (McKellan), a mysteriously masculine woman (Carter), and an unexpected guest, who happens to be an optimistic Italian (Cohen).

When a police sergeant (Everett) arrives at the manor to inform the guests of the murderer's note, an enormous array of secrets become exposed and the guests begin to worry for their lives. Trapped by an impeding snowstorm, the 8 men and women practically engage in a psychological warfare for survival. Is the murderer amongst them? What is the murderer's motive? And who is next to go? (After all...there were three blind mice.)

What the Press would say:

The world's longest running play is spun in a very positive new style from filmmaker Mike Leigh (Vera Drake), writer Anthony Minghella (The English Patient) and a pleasant ensemble. The classic tale of whodunnit stays true to its classic roots but never stops keeping you engaged and interested throughout. The all British location, cast, and crew is especially true to the roots, paying homage to Agatha Christie's home country. Particular acting standouts include Weisz, Everett, Monaghan, Carter, and Plowright. In short, this is definitely not one to miss come Awards time!

Best Picture of the Year
Best Director, Mike Leigh
Best Adapted Screenplay, Anthony Minghella
Best Actress, Rachel Weisz
Best Supporting Actor, Rupert Everett
Best Supporting Actor, Dominic Monaghan
Best Supporting Actress, Helena Bonham Carter
Best Supporting Actress, Joan Plowright

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